Welcome to Triple A – Risk Finance

The actuaries and risk professionals of Triple A – Risk Finance are specialized in advising and assisting insurance companies, banks and pension funds in the fields of risk management and compliance (legislation).

We believe that risk management will become an important ‘business driver’ for financial institutions. To adequately support this development, the actuaries and risk professionals working at Triple A – Risk Finance combine their expertise and know-how in the field of risk management with in-depth product knowledge regarding financial service provision.


Who is Triple A – Risk Finance

Triple A – Risk Finance is an independent and innovative consultancy firm specialized in the field of actuarial science and risk management. Triple A – Risk Finance was founded in 2006 and is based in Amsterdam. We provide interim managers, project-based solutions and tailor-made advice. One of our goals is to pass our expertise on to our clients so that they are able to continue working independently after we have left.

How we work

Triple A – Risk Finance works on the basis of result-based agreements for which we take full responsibility. We choose to work with you in multidisciplinary teams so that we can effectively share our knowledge with you during the projects.

Goals, aspirations and philosophy

Triple A – Risk Finance focuses on insurance companies, pension funds and businesses, banks and asset managers. Our goals and aspirations are:

  • to provide high-quality advice in the field of actuarial science and risk management;
  • to create a vision and make it work;
  • to be the leading company in the field of innovative risk-management solutions;
  • to manage multidisciplinary projects in a pragmatic and result-oriented way;
  • to work together pooling best work practices and knowledge-sharing;
  • to continue to develop talents and aspirations

Our philosophy is simple: risk-management activities and associated procedures must suit our clients’ organization, and be properly administered and understood by the employees in their care. We distinguish ourselves by passing on our knowledge and tools to our clients so  enabling them to operate more independently.

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